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Project Central makes it easy for teams using Office 365 to create, track and manage projects.

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Get your team on board quickly and easily with just a few clicks using your Microsoft work account. Getting them hooked is as simple as empowering the team to use Project Central along with the Office 365 tools you all already know and love. No training or complicated setup is required and people will actively enjoy using Project Central for goal setting, tracking progress and completing tasks enabling seamless collaboration.

Turn every project into a success story

Provide clarity for tasks through every stage to get things done, hit your goals and provide peace of mind. Collaborate and communicate effectively with teams ensuring progress is up to date with context into task progress and status, so the team are engaged and accountable to own the result.

Get instant, clear visibility into initiatives

See the big picture and track the progress of all your organization’s initiatives at a glance using real time, up to date insights into progress, all in one place, online. Empower management to make better decisions faster and achieve goals successfully, more often.

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Organize and track all your team’s important tasks to stay in the loop. Set priorities and deadlines, share details and assign tasks all in real time, on the go, wherever you are.

Project management made simple and enjoyable for teams using Office 365.

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