Make Everyone On Your Team A Project Manager

Aligned execution – A solution which gives you a single source of truth.

Seamless collaboration – Projects are better with team collaboration.

Successful project delivery – Project objectives achieved.

Secure and Online – Built using Microsoft Azure. Access is fast using your Microsoft work account.

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Simple Project Set Up

Plan and structure your projects in a way that’s best for you. Quickly set up a project and add tasks. Assign each task to team members and organize the due dates to move your project forward.

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Set Your Team’s Priorities

Provide clarity. Add tasks to your project and assign them to team members. Team members can organize their tasks and understand what needs to be done. Keep an eye on timing and focus on important dates, to get the job done.

Measuring Project Progress to Completion

Hit Your Goals

Simple project tracking to move projects through to completion quickly, easily and beautifully. View the progress of tasks assigned to team members and watch them progress in real-time with visual dashboards.

Get started with simple project management

for teams using Office 365.

All-inclusive, No Per-user Fee. Unlimited Projects.

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Outlook Calendar Integration

You can sync your My Tasks list to an external calendar. Once synced, you will see tasks with due dates from that project as all day events. You can click each event to visit the task in Project Central.

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My Tasks

My Tasks lists all the tasks that are assigned to you from across all projects in your account. With this release, users will no longer have to click into each project and filter through to see what their role is for each. Instead, they get a neat, personalized view of all their tasks, so they can prioritize and execute with ease.

Projects Tasks List

Private Projects, Save Custom Filters & Multiple Drag & Drop

Private Projects: Manage sensitive projects, or those that require an exclusive team with ease. Saved Project Filters: Create new filters on your Project’s view & save them for quick access at a later date. Multiple Select, Drag & Drop for Tasks: Select tasks in bulk to drag & drop them in your tasks list.

Measuring Project Progress to Completion

Task Filters

Task filters allow you to streamline your tasks list, making easier to manage your work, gain full visibility & make better decisions about task progress.

Measuring Project Progress to Completion

Project Filters

Use Project Filtering as a simple way to help you sort and find projects in your account.