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Upload & Attach Files to Projects & Tasks

Easily upload and attach relevant files directly to your Project, or directly to a Task. 

Add important task details

Add key information to your tasks so team members know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.

Simple project set up

Plan and structure your projects in a way that’s best for you. Quickly set up a project and add tasks. Assign each task to team members and organize the due dates to move your project forward.

Hit your goals

Simple project tracking to move projects through to completion quickly, easily and beautifully. View the progress of tasks assigned to team members and watch them progress in real-time with visual dashboards.

Set your team’s priorities

Provide clarity. Add tasks to your project and assign them to team members. Team members can organize their tasks and understand what needs to be done. Keep an eye on timing and focus on important dates, to get the job done.

Improve communication with task comments

Add helpful comments to report on the progress towards completion of the task. Task comments help to keep your team informed on how the task’s activities are proceeding.

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