Make sure your projects stay on track and hit your deadlines with Project Central

Plan, schedule, and manage your team and tasks using simple and visual Gantt charts.

Visualize the project plan

Get a complete view of your project schedule

Gantt charts give you a full view of your project’s timeline, the tasks to be done, and how they all fit together.

Gantt Chart MS Planner
Task Description

Organize and prioritize tasks and deadlines

Ensure tasks and team members are scheduled in the right order to maximize efficiency and allocate the work in a balanced way.

Easily update the timeline as plans change

Quickly adjust the duration of a task by dragging the start or end dates, or move the task to keep your whole project on schedule.

Gantt Chart Animation
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Update task information right from the Gantt

Open the tasks panel right from the Gantt view to get more information on the details involved or to update tasks in real-time.

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