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Make project management with Microsoft 365 easier

Project Central is built on Microsoft Azure and integrates directly with your Microsoft 365 environment.

Streamline projects with Project Central and Microsoft 365

Project Central brings together files, tasks, and conversations into one easy-to-use platform in Microsoft 365. Instead of setting up new passwords or switching between multiple apps, teams can start working in a secure environment.

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Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Teams
SharePoint Online
Outlook Calendar

Reduce app sprawl with Microsoft 365

Use your Microsoft 365 work account details to access Project Central with Single Sign-On. Apply your existing Microsoft 365 permissions, like multi-factor authentication, for complete control.

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Guest Access

Manage project resources with Azure Active Directory

Easily add team members to a project using your Azure Active Directory. No need to create new profiles or unique logins.

Work with guest collaborators in the same way. Add external users to your Microsoft Active Directory and invite them to the project.

Collaborate in one place with Microsoft Teams

Collaborate in Microsoft Teams with a native app. Keep all project information, conversations, and meetings in one place for complete visibility.

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Get started for free. No Credit Card, No Commitments.

Project Central Document Library

Work together on files in SharePoint Online

Connect a project to a SharePoint Online document library to collaborate on files and deliverables. Use permissions in the SharePoint library to control access to project documents. 

Users can attach the entire document library or a particular folder to the project. Project files remain in your SharePoint environment.

Manage your time with Outlook Calendar

Connect your Project Central Task list directly to your Outlook Calendar. Never miss a deadline or a reminder to check in with a client.

Project Central Outlook Calendar

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