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Stress-free Task Management with Project Central

Plan tasks, track progress, and collaborate as a team.

Plan and Manage

Plan tasks in minutes

Add tasks, set deadlines, and assign the work in the Task List. Quickly complete the plan by copying and pasting a list of tasks or checklist items. Check and adjust the schedule using the Gantt or Boards view.


Task list - Project Central
Project Central Task Panel

Add structure to tasks

Make sure team members how to tackle a task with a detailed description. Break complex tasks into a step-by-step checklist. Attach relevant files to keep everything in one place.

Organize your project

Group tasks to match the structure of your project with Sections. Organize work by phases, deliverables, priorities – whatever makes sense for your team and the project.

Task Description
Task Filter Options

Get visibility into the progress of tasks

Quickly understand what’s not started, late, or flagged using Filters. Use @ mention to get more information from the task owner. Identify bottlenecks in the Boards view.

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Find and Do

Never miss a deadline

Manage your workload with My Tasks, a single view of your open and completed tasks across multiple projects. Stay on track with automated reminders.

Task list - Project Central
Task Description

Collaborate in one place

Need help with a task or want to share an update? @mention other users and add comments. Co-edit project documents and deliverables in real-time. Update the status of your tasks quickly with drag and drop Boards. Flag at-risk tasks for the attention of the project manager.

Remove distractions with Focus Mode

Use the full screen to view your task’s full details and to focus your attention on completing the task at hand, without distraction.

Task Filter Options

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Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration

See your tasks in the context of your day

Stay on top of your deadlines and manage your day by connecting your Project Central Task list directly to your Outlook Calendar. Click each event to get the task details in Project Central.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar Export

Task Management Features


Keep tasks moving and avoid bottlenecks. Easily update the status of a task with drag and drop cards.


Visualize the project timeline and easily update the project schedule.

Project Task List - Icon 2x


Break your tasks down into smaller steps to make it easier to get the job done.

Task Description

Add context for the task, so your team members can easily understand what needs to be done.

Filtering and Sorting

Filter and sort to streamline your tasks list, making it easier to gain full visibility and prioritize your work.


Add helpful comments to give an update or ask for help. Use @mentions to tag a specific teammate.

Flagging a Task

Flag tasks that need extra attention.

Microsoft Teams for Project Central

Task Notifications

Notifications when tasks are assigned, due soon, or overdue keep work on track.

Focus Mode

Expand the task panel to full screen, so you can stay solely focused on the task at hand.

Add / Upload Files

Connect your file library to Add or Upload Files directly to tasks.

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