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Track all your initiatives in one centralized view with Project Central

Get a high-level view of how your all projects are doing.

Keep track of all your initiatives in the Projects view

Get a summary of key project information on the Project Cards

See a summary of project information at a glance on Project Cards. Use the project images to quickly identify projects.


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Organize your projects into portfolios

Use project filters to create views of grouped projects, for example by project manager, department, or due soon. Save the filters so you can quickly access that group of projects again.

View your projects as a list to export reports

Switch from Project Card View to List View to view all projects in a simple list, highlighting core metrics for each project. The List view can be used for exporting and sharing reports.

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High-level reporting on the health of your portfolio in Home

Understand the health of the project portfolio at a glance

Get a quick and visual overview of the health of all your projects. Understand the status of each project and where your focus should be.

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Identify projects that are in trouble 

Get visibility into any projects that have missed their deadline. Take action to prioritize resources, remove roadblocks, and get these projects back on track. 

Ensure upcoming deadlines are not missed 

See which projects are coming close to their deadline and if they need more resources to bring them over the line on time. 

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Make sure project managers are not overstretched

Keep on top of all projects on your team. Understand your project manager’s workload and see what projects they are running. Make informed decisions on the capacity of team members, reallocating resources as required.

Stay informed about the latest updates

View the recent project status comments for all projects on one page, giving you a feel for the progress of each. Track the updates to each project to make sure work is on schedule.

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