Frequently Asked Questions

What customers ask us, regularly

How do I add team members to Project Central? Is there a limit to how many I can add?

Our pricing offers unlimited users and unlimited Projects.

You can add anyone that’s a member of your Azure Active Directory, (aka anyone under your company Office 365 subscription).

(If they ask about guest access) If they’re not under the same Office 365 subscription as you, you’d have to add them as a guest user in your active directory.

How secure is Project Central?

Project Central is built using Microsoft Azure which has 50 compliance offerings, more than any other cloud provider. Access is fast using your Microsoft work account. Allowing you to better manage the cost and complexity of password security in your organization.

Data backups happen regularly across multiple geographies minimising any risk to loss of data. Allowing you to worry less and achieve more by using Project Central.

How does file storage work / are my files safe?

Project Central doesn’t create a copy or store your documents on our servers.

We integrate with Microsoft APIs and get a window into your common file library, allowing real time edits, and permitting only those who have access on your end to view them.

You can control privacy settings via your Sharepoint Online or OneDrive settings.

That way your files can stay safe, secure, and synchronised. Here’s a short video explaining how to get that set up. 

What is Project Central's relationship to Microsoft?

BrightWork, our parent company, is a long-time Microsoft ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner who have focused on Project Management on the Microsoft platform – traditionally SharePoint.

BrightWork’s customers include Amazon and the US Postal Service, to name a few.

Project Central is for teams looking to simplify their approach to projects. We work with thousands of organizations who need an easy-to-use, visual project management tool that integrates with Office 365

How does Customer Support work at Project Central?

We’re on hand to help you set up your projects correctly, run sessions to keep your team up to speed, and any follow up meetings you require.

We also have in-app support available if you have questions on the fly.

To get started, book a 15-30 minute meeting where we can walk you through the set up, and ensure you’re aware of the features that would most benefit you.

How can I see Project Central in action?

You can book a 15-30 minute one-on-one meeting to discuss how to set up Project Central for your team, and focus on the features that would best serve you.

Alternatively, here’s a recorded demo if you’d like to check it out before starting your 14 day free trial.

How does Project Central's pricing work?

Project Central has a single, fixed price of $49/mo (paid annually) or $65/mo (paid monthly). This price gives you full access to all features of Project Central, and you can add an unlimited number of team members and create unlimited projects.

How do I upgrade from a trial to a subscription?

When you’re logged in to Project Central, click the Gear Icon ⚙️  at the top of the page > then click on Accounts, and click Upgrade Account.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can subscribe to Project Central with any major credit card.

Are there discounts available for Project Central?

Yes. We offer discounts for the following:

  • Early Stage Plan is the best way to grow your early stage startup. Eligible startups get unlimited access to Project Central with a discounted rate one year.
  • Educational Organizations who would like to use Project Central.
  • If you work for a non-profit or an NGO, we have a discounted plan just for you.

Contact us to learn more.

If you don’t fit into these categories, get in touch and we can discuss a pricing model that works for you.

Can I use Project Central within Microsoft Teams?

Yes. You can access Project Central via Teams by adding the website as a tab within a Team or chat.

Happy to run through how to get that set up, as well as other helpful features via a 15-30 minute screenshare.

My question is not listed.

Feel free to submit your question to us here, or schedule a 15-30 minute call where we can go through your questions, show you the features you’d find most helpful, and save you some clicking around time.

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