Simple project management for non-project managers

Launched in 2018, Project Central is built for occasional project managers and teams using Microsoft 365.

Our work environments are more project-oriented than ever. Every modern worker is an occasional project manager, whether they know it or not.

Without formal training or experience, occasional project managers need to approach projects differently. No jargon or complicated project management processes – just the right amount of structure and collaboration to get work done in one tool.

Project Central is straightforward, ready-to-use, and plugs into your existing Microsoft infrastructure.


Project Central and BrightWork

Project Central is part of BrightWork, the marketing-leading SharePoint Project Management solution.

For over 25 years, BrightWork has helped organizations like Amazon, Triumph Group, and United States Postal Service, to improve their project management processes.

Project Central is powered by that extensive experience and feedback from BrightWork customers.


Uncomplicated Pricing

We know you’re juggling lots of priorities across projects and your ‘day’ job. We wanted to make our pricing as simple as possible so you can stay focused on what matters.

Pricing for Project Central is a flat fee per account, with unlimited users and projects, paid monthly or annually. Every customer has full access to all features and a dedicated Success Manager.