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Understand the purpose of the project         

Give your team context with the Project Dashboard. Add details like background information, project scope, terms of reference (goals, deliverables, resources required), or anything else that’s relevant.



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Quickly plan the project schedule

Easily add tasks to your project, assign them, and set due dates so the team knows what needs to happen and by when.

Build your Project Team

Quickly add team members from your Active Directory. Need to collaborate with external clients or vendors? Use Guest Access to invite external collaborators to your project


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Connect your Microsoft 365 document library

Link your SharePoint Online library to view and edit files or share with team members for seamless, secure collaboration. Upload files to projects and attach relevant files directly to tasks to keep them close to hand when you need to access them.

Manage permissions and keep your project data secure

Limit access with Private Projects, ideal for managing sensitive projects, or those projects that require an exclusive group from within your organization.



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Use Project Tags to categorize and group projects

Tag projects so you can filter, search for, and focus on a subset of projects grouped by your own set of attributes. You can configure tags at the individual project level, or manage them at the account level by the account Admin so everything stays in line with your processes. 

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Track and manage work

Understand task status with different views

Check the task list to see upcoming tasks and overdue work highlighted in the list. Check for bottlenecks with Boards. Drag and drop tasks on the Gantt to reschedule the project.


Task list - Project Central
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Quickly report on project status

Add a Project Status comment about how things are progressing. Update the ‘Percent Complete’ to motivate your team, showing progress towards the goal. Keep stakeholders informed with Project Health indicator provides a quick overview of potential issues.


Have a record of everything that’s happened

Get the single source of truth for all activities carried out on your project in the Activity Feed. Every change to Project Health, Percent Complete, Status, Tags, etc is logged and cannot be edited, hidden, or deleted.

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Start quick with Project Templates

Create A New Project In Seconds

Create a new project from scratch to match your needs or select a pre-planned template.

Project Templates
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Save Projects To Use As Templates

Quickly convert an existing project into a template so you don’t have to spend time recreating all the tasks and team members every time.

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