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July 23, 2020

Free Project Plan Template for Excel

By Brian McHale

Project planning and management are vital in aligning an organization’s needs and targets and getting the desired results.

When it comes to setting objectives and goals, it is crucial to measure each phase of the planning process to set SMART goals.

SMART goals allow project managers to focus on setting milestones that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound.

A project plan template aids project managers across all industries and sectors define their goals and set key milestones.

The project plan template on excel is well-defined and extremely helpful in ensuring timeliness and efficiency.

It allows managers to effectively and efficiently handle their project deadlines and submissions without requiring any specialized project management training.

Specialized Project Management Training

It is a comprehensive tool that simplifies the project manager’s responsibilities by accounting for every significant and minute detail.

This guide will explore the requirements of creating a project plan and how the free project plan template in excel will prove to be a dynamic project planning guide for professionals.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Creating a Project Plan

A project plan serves to outline goals, define targets, and identify the key milestones of a project.

It serves the purpose of guiding the project manager and the team throughout the project and works as a strategic resource to evaluate the project’s success and weaknesses.

Planning is a vital and premier step towards undertaking any given project.

And when it comes to managing resources and delegating responsibilities, project planning aids in simplifying goals and requirements.

It is the process of identifying the project’s scope, highlighting the objectives, and underscoring the necessary measures required for successful completion.

Project planning creates an elaborate sequence of responsibilities, objectives, and strategies needed to be undertaken to complete a project successfully.

A project plan template is the end result of the planning process, and it provides professionals with a comprehensive document to measure their objectives and milestones.

Free Project Plan Template in Excel

Click to download our Free Project Plan Template in Excel to begin simplifying your project management.

A project plan template allows professionals to streamline responsibilities in a simple template that is divided across various segments and sections.

It will enable professionals to ensure that all crucial aspects of the project details, milestones, research, and client requirements are accounted for and followed throughout the project.

It allows professionals to allocate significance to each variable and element and underscore the project plan’s essential details.

This template can be used to guide the entire team on the requirements of each task, the time allocation and deadline, and other specifics.

A simple project plan template in excel can make project management easier and achievable by simplifying tasks and responsibilities and setting time-measured milestones.


Project Plan Template in Excel

Project management comes with a wide array of challenges and obstacles that need to be combatted through practical compilation of goals, objectives, client’s requirements, time-measured milestones, and structured guidelines.

The collection of critical information and guidelines is instrumental for effectively allocating tasks and delegating employees throughout the department.

The free project plan template in Excel provides professionals with a ready-to-use template that will streamline responsibilities and specify major and minor milestones.

It has been designing in line with leading industry standards and structures, taking into account all the specifications required for efficiency and productivity.

It allows professionals to streamline their planning and task allocation and create a valuable resource to guide the entire team.

The detailed descriptions simplify and break down complex project requirements into simple tasks to guide the team towards successful completion.

It serves as a comprehensive guide that can be referred to ascertain the project’s goals and requirements and ensure timely completion.

Information and details can be recorded, and the project can be divided into various phases.

The example project plan template in excel reveals how the template allows professionals to prioritize significant milestones and manage time-sensitive tasks effectively.

It allows superior time-management and productivity and ensures greater clarity of instructions to guide the team towards efficiency.

Using a project plan template has countless benefits, and we will discuss these benefits in more detail below.

Free Project Plan Template in Excel

Click to download our Free Project Plan Template in Excel to begin simplifying your project management.

Benefits of Using a Template

As with any template, the project plan template serves the function of breaking down complex requirements into small, well-defined, and specific milestones.

It develops a comprehensive plan that takes into account the schedule, client requirements, research, and other resources to steer the project towards successful completion.

Project plan templates in excel allow greater understanding of challenges and milestones, and therefore, they aid in ensuring timeliness and efficiency.

Often, team members struggle to grasp guidelines and requirements, leading to inefficiency, time delays, and errors.

A project plan template can be circulated through the entire team, and it will serve as a vital resource to guide each team member through their responsibilities and schedules.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using a project plan template:


1. Well-Defined Objectives

A project plan template allows professionals to structurize and break down the requirements of the project and create well-defined objectives.

It allows goals to be well-defined through strategic planning, setting realistic and achievable timelines, and measuring goals against the set objectives.

This extensive planning serves a crucial purpose: reducing errors and driving efficiency.

Lack of communication or communication-related complications is one of the significant reasons behind project management delays and hurdles.

The free project plan template in excel has been designed to eliminate such obstacles by collecting and gathering information that can be presented in a comprehensive, clear and concise manner.

It reduces the possibility of confusion and errors and allows data to be processed efficiently.


2. Efficiency & Productivity

The ready-to-use project plan template in excel drives efficiency and productivity by setting realistic and time-sensitive milestones.

Breaks down complex and lengthy requirements into simplified tasks that can be delegated across the team members.

Defines the scope and requirements of the projects in a manner that allows instructions to be grasped and understood with greater ease.

Drives efficiency and productivity by defining the requirements of each responsibility clearly and concisely.

It also updates the team and project manager on each task’s status, which ensures timeliness and successful completion.

The template also encourages efficiency by allowing greater accountability for the professionals managing the project.

When employees can track their own goals, milestones, and progress, they are motivated towards being productive and efficient in completing their tasks.


3. Goal Mapping & Planning

Planning is a crucial phase of project management as it revolves around setting milestones, goal mapping, and laying down the foundations of the entire process.

These foundations and milestones serve as a guide that steers the team towards successful completion and efficiency.

The project plan template simplifies planning with its built-in structure and allows professionals to take into account all crucial details and deadlines.

This goal-mapping allows the team to grasp the project’s requirements and align their capabilities with the core needs of the projects.

Lengthy and complicated projects can be challenging to manage, and the simple project plan template in excel serves the purpose of breaking down complex instructions into simpler milestones.

Goal mapping is crucial to steer the team into a specific direction, and give a project plan an elaborate structure.

It goes a long way in eliminating confusion and ensuring greater clarity of the requirements, which drives performance and efficiency.


4. Client & Employee Consultation

The project plan template also serves the crucial purpose of allowing smooth and constructive consultations with clients and team members.

Consultations are a significant aspect of project management as they allow greater clarity of instructions, requirements, and suggestions.

Once all the data and information have been compiled into a simple project plan template on excel, it serves a guiding resource of how a company will handle a project.

This resource can be presented to the client to reveal how the company intends to manage the project and bring about the desired results.

The project plan template will undoubtedly impress clients with the attention to detail and well-structured components that simplify project requirements into concise milestones.

The client will be able to review each and every phase of the project and offer feedback that can be incorporated into the final plan.

The free project plan template in excel also allows productive consultations with team members and employees, offering their feedback, discussing complexities, and identifying errors more easily.


How can you get started?

If you’re working on an important project and you’re facing challenges with planning and defining goals, don’t worry!

We advise you to download the free project plan template in Excel, which will make it easier for you to manage your project and track progress too.

Once you’ve downloaded the template, you simply have to fill in the required information and establish a realistic and achievable schedule.

After the template has been completed, all you have to do is distribute it across the team, get your client’s feedback, and get started.

It will allow greater efficiency and productivity that will drive your project towards successful and timely completion.

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