How do project management teams work
February 8, 2019

How Do Project Management Teams Work?

By Niall Lenihan

Projects were and still are a lingering nightmare for everyone.

While subject-based projects did haunt us back then, the prospects might have changed now.

Still, the high-level severity is still similar.

If you work in the corporate world, you know how important projects are.

And what kind of role they play in the overall development of the company.

Owing to the prospective growth of the projects and its indispensable importance in the growth of every company, it is not surprising that more and more organizations are adhering to managing projects with the aid of an efficient project management team.

Once you finish reading this piece, we definitely expect you to know everything there is to know about project management teams.

Not just that but the salient role of the project manager in the same as well.

Let’s get this rolling now, shall we?


What is a Project?

Before we jump head first into explaining the roles of a good project manager, let us walk ourselves through every last overview of what the project management team is for.

But, before that, what is a project?

A project is a cumulative set of tasks that is aimed to achieve a salient goal in the end.

In simpler words, something you do to achieve a set of goal. Sounds easy, right? Well, the process isn’t.


What is a Project Management Team?

A project management team includes a group of individuals with similar expertise who are grouped together.

Their main aim is to achieve a certain task or goal.

Often times, many organizations do have project team members for a long term or sometimes even for a short term

The prospects of a successful project lie equally in the hands of the project manager as well as the members of the project.

When explaining who a project manager is, he/she is someone who plans, organizes, communicates and successfully executes any project plan with the aid of the team members.

More and more people are adhering to taking the help of the online platforms like that of Project Central.

This is like a project management tool. It helps the managers and the group of individuals in the team set up and organize their entire project accordingly for smooth execution.

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What roles does a Project Manager play?

Project manager role

As mentioned before, the role of a project manager does not seem very prominent in the beginning.

The entire process is based around how efficient and capable a project manager is in problem-solving and other aspects of the project management.

So, what does the role of a project manager signify?


1.      Planning

Project planning

Irrespective of what the initial prospects or objectives are, a project is planned with the aim to achieve a certain goal in the end.

Believe it or not, not every planned project is approved, even with the best of the team

How a project manager works around is what is decisive of whether or not the project will be approved.

The very first step of the successful execution of any of the project is the planning and drawing the blueprint of how everything will go around.

Any kind of project with a certain roadmap is nothing but a call for disaster.

The main and the very initial role of a project manager is to locate the project scope.

Following that, they plan accordingly for the very best output and results.

In terms of planning of the project plan, the main aim is to come up with unique and effective strategies.

These workaround to provide with the best results for the project. The main part of the planning is to develop effective policies.

This ensures that the project is complete and then handed over to the client within the given deadline.

Reaching deadlines and submitting every deliverable on the assigned time slot is more than important.

Many people have this notion that planning a project happens just at the beginning of the process altogether.

The planning undertaken by the project manager happens every single step throughout.

This is done to ensure smooth sailing of the project till its final completion.

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2.      Organization

With the completed roadmap of the project and how it will go around, the next step in the process is to finally execute the plans according to the blueprint drawn by the manager.

Before implementing the plan as per the guidelines set up by the team leader, the main aspect is to organize.

Irrespective of what the plans or for how long they are, it is necessary to ensure that one takes up the necessary responsibility.

They should work around to divide and organize the project amidst all the project team members, assigning work to each.

Organizing is the process in which the project manager plays out the project into segments and hands over one individual role to each one of the team members.

It based on their area of expertise.

Deadlines are made to ensure that the final project is completed before the final deadline of the client.

Organization is quite an important prospect when it comes down to how successfully a project will be executed.


3.   Leadership

Project management team leadership

With assigned roles to each team member, the next big role of the project manager is to finally get the process rolling and lead through every single one of the fragments assigned.

The role of a good project manager is not just the prospect of managing a project efficiently but to also connect with every different head associated for the smooth running of the project.

The leadership qualities also pan out in terms of necessary mitigation too.

Project manager mitigates any shortcomings and fights through them.

It is the manager’s role to look over the task done by every single team member.

They must ensure that every part of the project is finished within the deadline.

Interpersonal skills come into play as well. It is the manager’s role to demand perfection and skill from their team members.

An ideal project manager is someone who works along with the team and someone the team looks up to.


4.      Monitoring

Project management monitoring

This is the easiest task for the project manager.

Under this, the only thing they need to do is look over the progress of the project under the team members.

It is necessary for the project manager to be alert all throughout to ensure that he/she can rectify any problem that arises in the midst of the process.

This helps to ensure that nothing big is left for the last because that’s where the problem arises.

Last minute mitigation often ends up providing with a rushed solution which can affect the hard work put into it throughout the process.

Monitoring and risk management go side by side.

The project manager’s role is to ensure that they work around to identify the loopholes and then rectify them right then and there.

The process is quite simple. One should focus to measure, evaluate and then correct the issues while monitoring.


5.      Communication

Project management communication

The last but not least in the roles of the project manager is to communicate through the process.

The realm of communication isn’t just bound to the team members.

It also does extend on till the other members involved in the project, be it the higher authorities or even the clients.

Some of the most important people involved include project sponsors, clients or even the stakeholders and vendors.

Communication depends on the kind of progress the team is making around with the project.

If there is any kind of roadblocks that need to be discussed with the clients, it is the role of the project manager.

This is possibly the last step before the final project is submitted to the client for evaluation and approval.

To summarize it all, project management deduces the overall growth and development of an organization.

Given the statement, it goes without saying that the role of the project manager is more than just assigning the work.

The success of the overall project lies in the cumulative efforts of the project manager and the team member.

Handling a project is a tough task, one that does require quite the skill set and experience.

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