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August 19, 2021

How to Use Project Central: Manage Across Projects

By Billy Guinan

When you’re managing or tracking multiple projects, it can be difficult to get a high-level view of how they are all doing.

Building on the example in these two blogs about getting set up and tracking a project in Project Central, this article will show you how to view and track multiple projects at once.

You’ll see how to:

  • Track all your work across projects in the My Tasks view.
  • See your high-level project information in one place with Project Details.


Use My Tasks to manage your work

My Tasks is like a one-stop-shop to see all your work from any project you are a part of in that account.

In this view, you can see all the tasks that are assigned to you, no matter what project they are in.

On the top left, you’ll see a summary of the number of open tasks you have and in how many projects.

The My Tasks view is beautifully laid out, grouping your open tasks by projects and sorted by due date.

Clicking the task will open the task details panel, where you can view descriptions, checklists, comments, and update the status of a task.

Seeing all your work in one place is the perfect launchpad to organize and prioritize your day.


See your high-level project information in one place

Project Central makes it incredibly easy to track multiple projects at once, so you can focus more actually managing projects rather than chasing updates

Project Details gives you a holistic view of all your projects

Project Home organizes all your ongoing initiatives into a series of Project Cards (or list view if you prefer) to get an overview and quick access.

The Cards show the name of each project, as well as some high-level status information including project start and finish date, health, status, percent complete, and the last time the project dashboard was updated.

Using the Project Cards, you immediately can see all the initiatives in flight and get a high-level view of how they are progressing.

If something doesn’t look right, just click on the project to view the actual project site for more information.

Here’s a small Project Central tip: With the Project List View, you can see a list of Projects and export it to PDF or Excel.

Use Filters to view groups of projects together

The main Project Card or List will show you all the projects that are in the Project Central account, and depending on how many you have, it could be a lot wade through.

That’s where filters are incredibly useful.

You can use filters to view a select group of projects based on several criteria, including project health, status, project manager, date, or project tag.

Leveraging tags to categorize projects during setup means that filtering is incredibly effective to group similar projects (for example, Marketing projects or High Priority projects).

Using filters enables you to create kind of mini-portfolios to track them in an organized and logical way.


Start managing your projects with Project Central

Project Central provides instant visibility by showing you the high-level progress of all projects in one place.

Once you have a list of all open projects with high-level status information, so you know exactly which projects require attention.

Start a free 14-day trial of Project Central today or book a demo to learn more.

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