New Feature - Task Overdue
June 29, 2021

New Release: Enhanced Notifications & User Permissions

By Niall Lenihan

At Project Central we are delighted to announce two new features and some app performance enhancements.

  • Task Overdue Notifications.
  • Permissions.
  • Upgraded App Performance.


Overdue Task Notifications


When a task is now overdue by 24 hours , to prevent your team from falling behind the project timeline we will send a task overdue notification to get everyone back on track.

This notification can be managed by the Project Manager directly in the project options.

**All newly created projects will inherit this default notification**

**Within each project, only the Account Admin and Project Manager have permission to override these options**

New Feature - Task Overdue


Admin Permissions

Project Mangers now have total control over each project including

  • Project Manager Status.
  • Project Invite Notifications.
  • Task Assigned Notifications.
  • Due Soon Notifications.
  • Task Overdue Notifications.
  • Privatizing a Project.
  • Who can delete a project.


App Performance Upgrade

Project Central has also been upgraded to improve speed and  user experience.

Coming next – Microsoft Teams Integration

Manage a project from directly within Microsoft Teams so that collaboration and meetings can continue seamlessly.

This feature will also include the work required to register a dedicated Teams app on the Teams development platform

We’re really excited for these next releases, and look forward to hearing your feedback, as always.

Book some time with us here if you’d like a personal consultation where we can suggest how to set up Project Central for your team.




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