Microsoft Teams and Project Central
August 6, 2021

New Feature Release – Project Central App launches on Microsoft Teams App store

By Niall Lenihan

Project Central for Microsoft Teams


Launch the Project Central app directly in a Microsoft Teams chat or channel.

Conversations drive collaboration, yet it can be difficult to tie them back to work: topics are overlooked, action items go unrecorded, and new work can lack structure and a clear plan.

With Teams, Microsoft created a chat-based workspace that acts as a hub for teamwork, making it easier to connect conversations with work.


Bring your Project Central Workspace into Microsoft Teams


Project Central for Microsoft Teams is built to enable you to transform conversations into structured work and collaborate on Project Central Projects and Tasks right in Microsoft Teams, ensuring that your team can perform their best and accomplish more.


Online collaboration is the new normal and Microsoft Teams makes it even easier


It’s never been easier to communicate and interact with your colleagues remotely. And that’s all thanks to amazing collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.


Key benefits when using Microsoft Teams


Teams is easy to use

Teams is incredibly easy to use and is designed specifically for making group work a seamless and straightforward experience for all involved.


Teams gets everything in one place

Microsoft Teams is ideal for project managers because it allows you to meet, chat, call, and collaborate all from one intuitive interface.


Teams is great for Office 365 users

For any organization that is already reliant on Microsoft Office as their primary document collaboration platform, Teams is that natural next step up.


Teams integrates with great third-party apps


All you have to do is search for and download Project Central in the Microsoft Teams app store and you’ll be able to enjoy amazing project management capabilities direct from Teams. Manage projects directly from a channel or within a chat.

Get Started With Project Central

Sign-up for your free 14-day trial and see how Project Central can help your teams to plan, manage, and collaborate with Microsoft 365.

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