November 10, 2021

What’s New In Project Central – Enhanced Task Management

By Micheál Clesham

The key to project management success is project management adoption! The more team members in your organization that use the same processes and sing from the same hymn sheet, the more likely your project will succeed.

The best way to get user adoption is to ensure that your processes, and in turn your project management tool, is easy to use.

With this in mind, we have made 2 exciting changes to Project Central that focus on speeding up project management.



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Duplicating Tasks



Task management is at the core of project management and with Project Central, users can easily plan tasks and collaborate as a team.

To save time, we have now enabled our users to duplicate existing tasks. Users can choose all or some of the following elements to copy over into the new task:

  • Progress
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Attachments
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Assignees
  • Checklist Items
  • Flagged Status

This not only saves the project manager the time of adding new tasks but also complete control over their new items.



Multiple Task Assignees



As your project grows, so too does the number of team members. In order to make it easier to assign multiple task assignees to a task, we have now added a handy Select All option.

When you choose who your task should be assigned to, simply navigate to Project Team and click Select All to assign all project team members to the task in a single action.

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