December 6, 2021

What’s New In Project Central – Promote Checklist Items to Tasks

By Micheál Clesham

How many times have you underestimated the scope of a simple task?

What seemed like a minor aspect of getting a task completed has become a significant piece of work within your project.

Despite our best efforts to gaze into the crystal ball of project management, we need to be able to adapt and we need our project management tools to facilitate changes.


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Promote Checklist Items to Tasks


Project Central task management not only allows you to give detailed descriptions of your tasks but also associated checklists. This gives assignees a better understanding of the task and an incremental process for ensuring the task is completed.

The latest release of Project Central allows users to take an item from a task-associated checklist and promote it to a full Task.  This is especially useful if the checklist item was underestimated to begin, or indeed its significance was only realized on completion.

Promoting checklist items gives you more control over task management while reducing administration time.

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