See where everything stands

Project Cards

Visualize your projects with agile project cards.

Move projects forward quickly and easily with key metrics available instantly

Make the right decisions at the right time. With Project Central, you’ll dramatically reduce effort spent managing each project, and team members will always know what they should be working on.

Worry less and achieve more

Simplified sign in and security

Rely on the most trusted cloud. Built using Microsoft Azure which has  more compliance offerings than any other cloud provider.

One click sign in. Access is fast using your Microsoft work account, to better manage the cost and complexity of password security in your organization.

Data backups happen regularly across multiple geographies minimising any risk to loss of data.

Say goodbye to admin

Project Central Completion status icon

Project Setup

Easy step-by-step process with no training or setup required.

Key project information available instantly to team members across Project Health, Status and Completion

Freeing up your time from meetings and the sea of e-mails to focus instead on  successful delivery with your teams.


See the big picture


Share results with your teams on how projects are progressing

See what’s on track and what needs attention across projects in real-time and zoom in to take action where it is really needed.

Focused on the bigger picture more than basic project management tools, like Excel, and less complicated than high-end tools, like Microsoft Project. Project Central is the right easy-to-use solution for most teams.

Complete control

Multiple Accounts

Create a safe space for sensitive or specific work by setting up additional accounts.

Allowing Project Managers to stay in control and keep order across projects, which is a big part of the job and inspires confidence in the team and with key stakeholders.

Get everyone on the same page

Activity Feed

The project activity feed helps individuals with simple tracking, making Project Central a great simple project management software solution for diverse teams of non-technical users and those without project management experience. 

Track the progress of all your teams activities on a project using the simple filter to save time and get to key activities quickly.