Visual, Simple, Dynamic

Project Central – Your mission control for projects across teams using Office 365.




Monitor the status

Get an up to date high-level overview of the big picture on how all your projects are progressing. Modernize project management practices with visual cards and dashboards to organize strategic initiatives. Monitor the status of all your important projects with your teams, then drill in for more details to address risks all in one place.

Hit your goals

Project Central gives your teams visibility into the status of your organization’s projects and initiatives, so everyone stays focused on what matters most. Understand what projects and initiatives are on track, and what needs your attention so you can hit your goals.

Visualize your initiatives

Manage progress across projects, whilst keeping an eye on the big picture. Move projects through to completion quickly, easily, and beautifully. With Project Central, you can plan, manage, and monitor projects across initiatives and teams—so everything stays on track.

Get started for free. No Credit Card, No Commitments.

Track your progress

See how all projects are progressing in real time with visual dashboards so you can keep up to date on project progress and quickly spot when things are off track. Share info and give simple, clear updates to stakeholders with the latest progress on your goals.

Get organized

Plan and structure projects in a way that’s best for you. Bring everyone on the same page and coordinate your efforts. Set priorities and deadlines, share details and assign tasks all in real time, on the go, wherever you are.

Set your team’s priorities

Organize and track all of your team’s important project tasks in a single view to stay in the loop. Look at key project metrics and deadlines to keep an eye on timing and rally around important dates, to make sure the job gets done on time.

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Easy to use

Signing up to Project Central is done quickly and easily using your Microsoft work account with a few clicks. Everything is in the cloud, accessible and up to date wherever you are. Project management is made simple for all teams in the organization. Create a project, build a team, assign tasks and update status in a few easy steps, whilst continuing to work seamlessly with the Office 365 tools you already know and love. 

Tie it all together

Bring your teams productivity and work from Office 365 together visually and simply in Project Central. Connect your essential Office 365 business tools, make it your project management control center so you can see your projects and initiatives in one place, in context without wasting time on mindless meetings and arduous admin.

Trusted security & compliance

Project Central is built using Microsoft Azure which has more compliance offerings than any other cloud provider. Security is also simplified using one account to access Project Central via your Microsoft work account which integrates seamlessly so that users access is managed by your organization keeping it up to date to make sure you have complete control over your users and data security.

Choose simple, visual project management for teams using Office 365.

Get started for free. No Credit Card, No Commitments.