Activity Feed

View all Activity carried out in a project. Easily create, track and manage projects across your team, using Office 365.

Filter Options

There are 6 primary filter options to sort through your project’s Activity feed. Use these to gain a quick overview of all actions carried out or to look deeper into the changes made throughout your project.

All Activity

This provides a single source of truth for all Activity carried out on your project. Every change to Project Health, Percent Complete, Status, Tags, etc is logged and cannot be edited, hidden or deleted.

Team Activity

Lists all actions from project team members. View when someone from your organization’s Office 365 account has been added to or assigned tasks within the project.

Project Status

When the Project Status is updated, it can have a major impact on your project. It may signal a change that was unexpected or may result in adding delays to your timeline.

Status Comments

Every time a status is updated, the team member can add a Status Comment as to why this occurred. The Status Comments filter provides you with a quick overview of these changes and reasons why each happened.

Project Tags

The adding and removing of tags to different projects is logged so you can monitor the progress and categorization of your project.

Start / End Dates

A record of the Start Date and the projected End Date for your project ensures that you can make sure everything is on time and going to plan. You can allocate resources in confidence using this information.

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