Track and manage each task in your project. List all tasks, set due dates and assign them to team members.

Task List

Projects are so much simpler when broken into smaller steps. Enter each task name into your task list and assign them to the best person on your team to complete it.
Task list - Project Central
Assigning a task to a team member


Simply select a member from your Project Team or begin typing the name of a co-worker into the ‘All Users’ search box. Project Central will search your organization’s list in Office 365 and find the person you wish to assign the task to.

Start Date

Use the Start Date to prompt team members into action for their task. Start Dates help you to schedule team member’s availability and to better manage their time for the project.
Task starting date
Task end date

End Date

Selecting an End Date for an individual task allows you to keep the project moving forward step-by-step. Use it to keep an eye on task’s progress and to improve how you allocate resources.

Filter Options

View ‘All Tasks’ under Filter Options to see each step in your project. Sort by those that are currently ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ to gain full visibility and make better decisions about task progress.
Task filter options
Marking tasks as complete

Mark Complete

A simple step to acknowledge completion of a task and to help to give a sense of progress to the project and each team member.

Drag and Drop

Sort the order of your tasks and quickly prioritize them into the most efficient way to complete your project. Click your project task and drag it to it’s new location in seconds.
Drag and drop tasks list

Other Project Central Features

Learn how each feature in Project Central makes it easy for teams using Office 365 to create, track and manage projects.


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