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January 24, 2019

How Do You Best Organize Team Tasks Using A Task Management Tool

By Niall Lenihan

As technology continues to advance, working in teams requires new, innovative ways to keep those ever-growing task lists tidy.

In fact, disorganized teams aren’t just less productive than organized ones, but everything from innovation to employee engagement and morale all takes a beating.

But, thankfully, there are certain means and ways to make sure any team’s task list stays (and remains) in good standing.


What is a Task Management Tool?

Before we dive into the specifics of task management software, it’s imperative layout what exactly these e-tools are.

Essentially, think of these as online tools that allow teams, be them remote or otherwise, to work under “one roof.”

Doing so will help with sharing task insights, project details, documents, and other collaborative task management duties.

They, too, allow for those using them to hone their task management skills through testing and both giving and receiving real-time feedback.

A task management tool allows teams to streamline communication, allowing everyone involved to share under one roof.

This saves precious time that would otherwise be spent bouncing back and forth between emails, social media direct messages, you name it.

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Cloud-Based Platforms and Task Management Softwares are the Workrooms of the Future

The past decade or so has seen the rise of a digital, cloud-based workforce, with more and more people working in online workstations.

And because of this, task management tools and online document hubs have gained public popularity.

Regarding Microsoft 365—which is home to Microsoft Project, one of the best task management software solutions out there—it’s a cloud-based service that’s phenomenal for individuals and whole teams to use to up their productivity.

Much like G Suite, it offers cloud-based productivity services, ranging from document creation tools (like Word, Note, and Publisher), and other types of content creation that all play their role in completing any one type of project.

Fun fact, it’s believed that by 2021, nearly a third of all IT spending will be on cloud-based computing services.

So, suffice to say that this way of digital teamwork isn’t going anywhere soon.

Manage tasks with Project Central

Stay on track with Lists, comments, mentions, and more!

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More on Task Management in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Project is one of the best task management software and apps out there. (That, and it helps that it’s one of the few free task management software currently around.)

It ticks all the right boxes: It’s simple to use, incorporates visual task management options, offer an easy-to-use user interface, and, above all, is highly shareable.

And for the OneNote lovers and devotes, the OneNote task management template is another great Office 365 task management product to utilize, which pedestals all of the above mentioned highlights in its design, as well.

We should make it a point that while Microsoft’s To-Do and Planner app products are great in their own rights, they’re more so meant for simple, day-to-day organization rather than stream-wide collaboration.

So, if you’re looking at individual ways to stay more on top of your tasks, in or out of the office, consider looking into both these products.


How to Leverage Team Task Management Tools to Your Advantage

It’s one thing to understand what these tools are and what specific niches they fill.

But it’s an entirely different thing to know just how to use them to your team’s advantage.

Here are a few pointers, tips, and tricks on how to wield the power task management software providers to better your team’s daily doings:

  • Get clear on everyone’s role within any given project and duties they’re responsible for
  • Create a public “clock-in and clock-out” page
  • Embrace the Triple Constraints method when planning your projects
    • This method includes building a project’s “Quality” goal around three areas: “Time,” “Cost,” and “Scope,” and how each one plays a role in the project being completed as desired.
  • Give credit where credit is due and celebrate the small milestones
    • Keeping team morale high is incredibly important to see any project to the finish line.


Implement these insights into your own working model, and enjoy smooth sailings with your team toward the proverbial horizon.

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Here’s Where Project Central Comes into the Picture

Project Central is an easy, free, and visual way to manage your projects and organize teams.

Our product is for teams using Microsoft 365 to simplify their approach to projects.

We work with thousands of organizations that need an easy-to-use, visual project management tool, enhancing collaboration to move work to completion fast.

We’re incredibly passionate about building products that are easy-to-use and designed for enjoyment.

We want to help others achieve their goals.

And make completing projects simple. What’s not to like about that?

Want to learn more about how Project Central can help you and your team see your next project to the finish line? Visit us here for more details, and feel free to sign-up with us, for free, today!

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