New Feature - Private Projects
February 22, 2021

New Release: Private Projects, Saved Filters & Bulk Drag & Drop

By Brian McHale

Today, we’re announcing the release of 3 great new feature additions to Project Central:

  • Private Projects
  • Saved Project Filters
  • Multiple Select, Drag & Drop for Tasks.


Private Projects

Private Projects allow you to create a new project with restricted access in Project Central.

This makes it easy to set up and manage sensitive projects – where you need an exclusive team only.

Marking a project as private means you have much more control over your account and what projects can be seen and accessed by members of your organization.

Just Open your project > select Options from the menu > toggle Private Project, and you’re good to go!

New Feature - Private Projects Toggle


Saved Project Filters.

We released project filters as a new feature back in December of 2020.

The response has been great. So much that so we’ve enhanced this to allow you to save custom filters so you can really take control of your project view.

Using saved filters, you’re able to create a custom view for your project’s dashboard to stay focused on getting the right ones done at the right time.

Project Central Saved Filters


Multiple Select, Drag & Drop for Tasks

For anyone who has worked in projects with many tasks you’ll know the pain of making updates.

So we’ve added the ability select and move multiple tasks at once as is a major productivity booster.

Multiple select, drag & drop of tasks helps you to order your project in a tasks list view and streamlines the admin involved in getting your project in order.

To select multiple tasks at the same time, hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click on the left most side of the task name.

Multiple Task Drag & Drop


Coming next – My Tasks

My Tasks lists all the tasks that are assigned to you from across all projects in your account.

With ‘My Tasks’, users will no longer have to click into each project to see their involvement.

Instead will get a neat, personalized view of all their tasks, allowing them to prioritize and execute with ease.

We’re really excited for these next releases, and look forward to hearing your feedback, as always.

Book some time with us here if you’d like a personal consultation where we can suggest how to set up Project Central for your team.

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