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November 19, 2020

New Release: Sections

By Brian McHale

Tasks make up a major part of any project you manage.

So, when you have a large number of them, it can be easy to get lost as you work your way through them all.

Using Sections, you can group relevant tasks together so you can organize them in your project, creating categories, workflow stages, phases, priorities and more.

Sections - Create Task

Sections are particularly useful when you’re working with Gantt charts, you can see tasks across all phases, or avoid distraction by focusing on just one phase at a time.

So, in the case of the example below, you can see Phase 1 has three tasks inside, while Phases 2 and 3 have one task each.

Gantt Sections


How to add sections to a project?

Adding sections in Project Central is really easy.

Just click on the three dots on the green Create New Task button and you’ll get the option to Create New Section.

Create New Section

Afterwards, give each of your Sections a name and you can continue to add the relevant tasks to each.


What’s coming next?

Sections is another important feature that we’ve released to help improve the way that you manage tasks using Project Central.

Our next release will help to improve the way you can filter through your growing projects list and to stay focused on moving your projects forward.

  • Project Filtering: The Filter button will appear next to the Sort button on the Projects page allowing you to filter by
    • Status Dropdown + Clear Status Filter Button
    • Health Dropdown + Clear Health Filter Button
    • Project Manager Dropdown + Clear Project Manager Filter Button
    • Tags Dropdown + Clear Tags Filter Button
    • My Projects Dropdown + Clear My Projects Filter Button
    • Date Created Dropdown + Clear Date Created Filter Button
    • Last Updated Dropdown + Clear Last Updated Filter Button
    • Start Date Dropdown + Clear Start Date Filter Button
    • End Date Dropdown + Clear End Date Filter Button
    • Save As Custom Filter
    • Clear All Filters Button.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on Project Central.

Email and let us know how we’re doing.

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