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February 13, 2020

Use Task Comments To Improve Your Team’s Collaboration

By Brian McHale

How you manage your team and how they manage their tasks is crucial for project success.

So we’ve just released some great new features to help improve the way we handle tasks in Project Central.

Task management should be as simple as performing the task, marking it as complete and moving on to the next one.

To keep it this simple, we need to create a seamless method of keeping project files close to hand.

And for easy communication between project manager and team members.

And that’s exactly what we’re releasing today.


New features for improved task management:

  • Attach files to tasks
  • Task comments
  • Sorting tasks


Attach files to tasks:

A project by definition is a group of activities carried out to meet the creation of a unique product or service, which runs for a fixed time period.

On completion, your project will result in an output – and often many documents and other files.

With a connected document library, team members can quickly search for the relevant files in Office 365 through Project Central, and attach them to their tasks.

So, if a team member had the task of preparing an SEO proposal, they can quickly attach it to their task. Allowing for you to proceed to the next step.

Similarly, a manager may want to attach guidelines to a given task so that their team member knows exactly what’s expected of them.

Task Attachments


Task comments:

Task comments are an opportunity the team member to ask questions, provide extra information, or to offer insight for the task.

Comments can be added and viewed by anyone in the account, but only the person who added the comment can edit or delete it.

Task Comments


Sorting tasks:

A project with many tasks can seem like a bigger effort than it really is.

So our new quick sort option allows for you to find relevant tasks with the click of a button.

Tasks can be sorted by Task name, Start date, Due date and Assigned to, for best results.

Sort Tasks By Name


Enhanced feature – Long task names:

Thanks to feedback from our existing users, we’ve enhanced the number of characters and added more space for task names.

This makes it easier to display more information in a task’s name and is useful in cases where the task name could be a differentiating factor between multiple, similar tasks.

Tasks Full Width


What new features are coming next?

These features are just the latest step in the major updates to tasks in Project Central.

We’ll be releasing more functionality over the coming weeks and months to give you more control over projects and your team.

Some of these great new features include:

  • Upload files to projects and tasks. Team members will be able to upload relevant project or task files, making it quick and easy to access the content.
  • Paste tasks to save time while getting your project set up.
  • Undo delete – useful if you accidentally delete a task and need to quickly retrieve it.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on Project Central. Email me at and let me know how we’re doing.

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