Project Management Solution For All Project Managers
April 9, 2019

The Project Management Solution For All Project Managers

By Niall Lenihan

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d play “Project Manager” with your friends?

Yeah, didn’t think so. For most of us, it’s a chore that we were never trained to do.

But it’s important for efficiency at work and a it’s role that’s not going away anytime soon.

Our workplaces challenge us with deadlines, high-expectations, last-minute changes among other demands.

If we don’t have a system in place to manage these, it can lead to stress.

So the technology that we use should not add to our burdens. In the words of Microsoft’s Simon Chan:

So much of what we do today is cognitively taxing on the user. 

Using insights into the way we organize tasks, Project Central makes it easier for project managers to do their jobs.


Organizing Tasks in a Project is Visual

Walk into any office, and much of what you’ll see is designed to organize and manage tasks.

Most employees don’t rely on memory of a phone call or staff meeting when completing their tasks.

Instead, cubicle walls are covered with calendars, sticky notes and to-do lists.

We tend to respond and work best to visual stimulus.

The best project management software puts that principle to use.


Basic Principles for Project Management Software

Project management software needs to be simple.

Complexity is optional in life, so clogging our work calendars with lists of “would-be-nice” tasks is a no go.

The Kanban method is one of the most effective and intuitive ways for managing projects.

It’s a Japanese organization technique using colored notes, in three columns: “soon,” “in progress,” and “done.” It’s simple and easily understood and is commonly used in project management.

Project management software utilizes three main types of output: lists, boards, and schedules.

As we’ll see below, what you prefer to use depends on individual characteristics.


One Size Does Not Fit All 

There’s already a lot of products addressing project management challenges.

In an interesting article, Kelli Smith fits different organization apps to personalities:

  • Things: For the super-busy, “don’t bother me with the details” type.
  • Trello: Kanban method for the visual learner
  • Fantastical 2: For calendar lovers.
  • AnyDo: For the chronically stressed, with lots of gentle reminders.
  • OmniFocus: If you’re a “give me a list” type.

Your organization is likely comprised of people of all types.

So we need a project management solution that is multi-faceted and versatile.

Free Project Plan Template in Excel

Click to download our Free Project Plan Template in Excel to begin simplifying your project management.

Project Central: Power Solutions, In One Package 

Project Central is ideal for managing projects in any organization using Office 365.

It has a simple and appealing interface, with the security and strength of Microsoft Azure on the back end.

With Project Central, you can:

  • Monitor the status of all projects
  • Track all current and pending goals
  • Visualize all initiatives
  • Track progress
  • Co-ordinate efforts between staff and departments
  • Set and track priorities

Project Central seamlessly integrates into Office 365.

You can connect all Office 365’s tools with Project Central’s features to produce a single, power package


Getting Started is Easy 

Using your Microsoft Work account, sign up at

Project Management with Purpose 

Whether we realize it or not, we have all become project managers.

And to stay on top of the ever-shifting requirements of our day-to-day jobs, we need tools that are simple enough for anyone to use, flexible enough to support any project type, powerful enough to handle initiatives of any size, and transparent enough to provide visibility across the organization.

-Project Central

There’s the goal. Here’s the tool. Let’s get started.


We’d Love to Hear from You

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Sign up for free and tell us what you think.

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